Journal of Hymenoptera Research published on Pensoft’s platform!

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On February 8th,  Pensoft published the first gold Open Access and NLM Taxpub-based issue of the
Journal of Hymenoptera Research. It is one of the first journals that Pensoft publishes for a scientific society  – The International Society of Hymenopterists – besides its own in-house journals (, such as Zookeys. The implications are going beyond changing from a traditional pdf to a semantically enhanced version allowing immediate distribution of its content to a set of external aggregators such as Encylopedia of LifePlazi, Wikispecies or the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and so on.

Journal of Hymenoptera Research will be published in four different formats: (a) Print format, (b) PDF format, identical to the print version, (c) Semantically enhanced HTML to provide interactive readings and links to external resources, and (d) XML version to be archived in PubMedCentral and other archives, to facilitate future use and reuse of the content. One may learn more on the advanced technologies of publication and dissemination from the journal’s Press Release. 

Journal of Hymenoptera Research created its own Twitter, Facebook , and Mendeley  profiles in addition to the RSS and email alerts. Despite the contradicting opinions on the role of social networks, all these profiles greatly help to keep you informed on all published papers and news coming from the journal’s website.

If you are or intend to become a member of any of these social networks, it would be really helpful if you suggest the journal to be followed by your friends and colleagues, to increase the range of users unforeseen before, just by few clicks! This could happen by clicking the button "Follow" in
Twitter. In Facebook, you could share the journal’s page with friends through the "Share" link at bottom left side of the page. You can then choose to share it via a post on their profiles, which may appear in their friends’ News Feeds, or with specific friends via a message. In the academic network Mendeley , there is a "Share this group" box at bottom right side of the journal’s page.

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