Journal-to-wiki export and a joint citation mechanism for taxon descriptions

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Over the last few weeks, ZooKeys has published papers whose taxon treatments have been uploaded in wiki format to Species ID. Now the conversion to wiki has been automated and was described  in a recently published forum paper complemented by a sample paper, as well as by examples from previously published  PhytoKeys papers.

The proposed citation format gives proper credit both to the authors of the original description and to those who later contributed to the wiki version, within a combined reference displayed on the top of each wiki taxon page (see examples below). In addition, the URL addresses of the wiki pages of the (re-)described taxa are published in the journal paper, directly below the ZooBank LSIDs, thereby providing a permanent cross-linking between the journal description and its versioned wiki page.

To demonstrate the range of original sources to which this approach might be applicable, taxon treatments previously published in PLoS ONE, Zootaxa and other journals have been uploaded to the wiki from the Plazi Treatment Repository, including such extracted from the historical literature (e.g.,  from Grandidier’s "Histoire Physique, Naturelle et Politique de Madagascar", published in 1891).

We hope that the reconciliation of "static" and "dynamic" versions of a published treatment on a dedicated wiki page through a single citation record will increase the citation rates, discovery and exposition of original descriptions. The proposed workflow and citaion mechanism will also revive historical treatments on wiki for further updates and revisions.
There are some topics that need further to be explored, such as handling multiple treatmens per a taxon, or developing a future reputation system on this wiki that will eventually differentiate spelling corrections and similar "small" edits from contributions that actually added original data and updated or otherwise improved existing ones.
Source: ZooKeys (Stoev and Enghoff 2011)

Source: ZooKeys (Bantaowong et al. 2011)

Source: PhytoKeys (Kress et al. 2010)

Source: PhytoKeys (Knapp 2010)

Source: Plazi Treatment Repository

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