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Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and our journals have launched a Fabulous New Species collections on EOL. Please see the following blog post on the EOL News webpage, or read the text below:

As a next step in its fruitful collaboration with EOL, Pensoft has created two species collections on EOL – Fabulous ZooKeys New Species and Fabulous PhytoKeys New Species. The main aim of this initiative is to bring together and promulgate the scientifically notable new taxa described every year in Pensoft’s journals and simultaneously registered in EOL.

A short annotation written in a popular language explains why the new species is interesting and draws the attention of the general public and the world mass media. Starting with only a dozen taxon profiles, both collections are expected to grow fast considering that currently ZooKeys ranks second in the top 10 journals publishing new taxa, and is responsible for approximately 2.5% of all new taxa in the world described in the last three years.

Currently the collections comprise a nice selection of extraordinary newly described animal and plant species, such as:

The world’s smallest tetrapod, the New Guinea frog Paedophryne depot;

The Morafka’s desert tortoise Gopherus morafkai, whose discovery based on DNA evidence has conservation implications;

The tiny Brazilian plant Spigelia genuflexa found to be reproducing by geocarpy;

The New Zealand liverwort species Frullania knightbridgei, one of the first species described under the revolutionary new rules of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature that allows new species to be published only in a digital form;

One of the smallest cave-dwelling ground beetles and living fossil, Paralovrcia beroni.

We kindly invite the EOL users to join the communities around these collections and to become part of Pensoft’s large family.

Please visit the Pensoft Publishers Community on EOL to share your comments and questions, or leave them here on the EOL Blog.

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