ZooKeys’ Statement on electronic publishing, ZooBank registration and printed version

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In respond to several inquiries and in the light of the current lively discussions on Taxacom and in some blogs, ZooKeys considered necessary to publish the following statement:

1. ZooKeys was the first – and still is – the only journal that registers authors, publications and new names in ZooBank. We have been doing this for our authors since July 2008, when the first ZooKeys issue was published. We shall continue this practice and ZooKeys’ authors will not need to bother with any kind of registration issues to make their taxa validly published.

2. ZooKeys articles are archived in two global archives: (1) PubMedCentral based in the National Library of Medicine of the U.S. All content in PubMedCentral is available in open access, the separate taxa descriptions (treatments) are highlighted with separate links, and in addition, the PDF version and each image file are archived separately; (2) CLOCKSS, which is an international, not for profit, joint venture between the world’s leading scholarly publishers and research libraries initiated by Stanford University. Again, the authors do not need to worry personally about archiving!

3. According to our policies, anyone – a private person or institution – can download, archive, print and distribute the full content of ZooKeys. This is probably the best add-on archiving policy one may think about, because downloads of individual articles are counted in several hundreds, to say the least.

4. ZooKeys will continue to print its full-color, high-resolution version, which is available in several libraries, such as Smithsonian, Harvard, Naturalis (Leiden), the Dutch Entomological Society’s library, and some more. Separate printed issues or reprints are available on purchase. 

5. ZooKeys will continue to export taxon descriptions (treatments) to Encyclopedia of Life, Plazi Treatment Repository and Species-ID.net – a Wiki based treatment repository. Naturally, treatments are available in open access for anyone to read and the original publications are linked back from there.

6. Each individual ZooKeys article is published electronically as soon as the final proof is approved by the author; the date of publishing of the electronic version should be considered the valid date of publication of the article. Paper version will be published when an issue is completed. This will greatly facilitate the efficiency and speed of publication, without having any adverse effect on archiving and/or distribution!

7. ZooKeys will continue to assist authors in data publishing and archiving through GBIF (occurrence data) and DRYAD Data Repository (any other data).

8. ZooKeys will continue to assist authors in drafting and dissemination of press releases and other materials that promote their research.

9. These policies will be followed also by the other zoological journals published by Pensoft, such as Journal of Hymenoptera Research, International Journal of Myriapodology, and Comparative Cytogenetics.  

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