ZooKeys accepted for archival and display in PubMedCentral

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We are pleased to announce that after almost two years of testing ZooKeys was accepted for archival and display in PubMedCentral, the wold’s leading archive for biomedical literature, based at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the USA. Here is a link to ZooKeys’ articles on PMC.

Thus, ZooKeys becomes the first journal in biodiversity science to use a domain-specific extension (TaxPub) of the general NLM mark up schema that permits automatic extraction and retrieval of specific information on biological taxa, such as taxon treatments and their features from an article’s text.

We hope that the experience accumulated by ZooKeys will be used by other taxonomic journals to make biodiversity information openly accessible and easy to use – a process that has been inspired by Donat Agosti and the Plazi team.

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