Pensoft’s statement on the war in Ukraine

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Led by our values that have always – above all – been grounded on collaboration, appreciation and friendship with no borders, at Pensoft, we wish to express our deepest regret, sympathy and support to all who have unwillingly been involved in the devastating humanitarian crisis, caused by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. We condemn all actions that have caused human lives to be lost or wrecked, families to be separated, homes to be demolished and millions to seek shelter!

This crisis has already had a devastating impact on scientific endeavors, collaboration and progress. Therefore, until the conflict is resolved, we offer our support to all our colleagues in science who have been affected by the war and stand up for peace, by providing: 

  • Employment to Ukrainian refugees holding qualifications suitable for our company.
  • Waivers for publications by researchers affiliated with Ukrainian institutions.

We appeal to national leaders to end this conflict through negotiation in the name of global peace and humanity!

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