Five society journals moved to Pensoft in December 2010!

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Going Fast, Linked, and Open Access!

The journals NeoBiota, Journal of Hymenoptera Research, International Journal of Myriapodology, Comparative Cytogenetics and Subterranean Biology changed their publishing model to open access and moved to the new journal publishing platform of Pensoft ( in December 2010.

The journals will benefit
from the accumulated technological experience of the Pensoft’s journals ZooKeys, PhytoKeys, and BioRisk. Among the most important features of the new Pensoft’s platform are:

  • XML submission, editorial, publication and dissemination workflow, based on the TaxPub XML schema
  • Highly automated and skilled online editorial management system, designed to serve the specific needs of publishing and dissemination of biodiversity information
  • One time registration for all the platform and unified Author Guidelines
  • Professional review and editorial assistance
  • Quick turnaround, ranging from one to few months, from manuscript submission to publication
  • No limit in manuscript length, e.g. for large revisionary works, checklists, catalogues, conference proceedings, monographs, festchrift volumes
  • Professional design and layout, high quality printing and binding
  • Immediate Alert Service through Email, RSS feeds and social networks to inform the society about your publication
  • Immediate distribution of your publication to scientific databases, indices and search engines (Zoological Record, Web of Science, Google Scholar, CAB Abstracts, DOAJ Content and others)
  • Advanced publishing technologies, possibilities for data publication and various semantic Web enhancements
  • Linkage of each article and issue to several independent classification schemes, e.g., taxonomic, subject and geographical
  • Possibility to customize classifications according to the specific needs of the different  journals
  • No charge and restrictions for color, either in the online or printed version
  • Free consultancy services and various ways to combine the new model with previous subscription and exchange programs.

More detailed information on the semantic tagging and enhnacement features offered by Pensoft can be found here. Most of them are very much relevant to biodiversity journals, namely: mandatory ZooBank or IPNI registration provided by the publisher, automated export to all new species with images to Encyclopedia of Life, indexing of new species in Wikispecies, online mapping of georeferenced localities within a paper or taxon treatments, various cross-linking mechanisms and many more.

All papers are open access and free to read, download, print, and distribute.

The journal publishing platform of Pensoft is a linked environment built upon own content management software. Linking is provided at the internal level (within an article, within the journal, or within the publishing platform of Pensoft ) and to external resources (Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Encyclopedia of Life, Biodiversity heritage Library, PubMed and PubMedCentral,  Morphbank, IPNI, Tropicos, PLANTS, ZooBank, Wikipedia, Wikispecies, etc.) through a dynamic web profile of each taxon mentioned within a paper (  Geo-referenced localities can be mapped within taxon treatments or for the entire paper. Each journal can be followed through its own social network profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Mendeley, as well as RSS, email newsletters and so one.

The journals will be published in four different formats: (1) high-resolution, full-color print version (2) PDF identical to the printed version; (3) HTML to provide links to external resources and semantic enhancements to published texts for interactive reading; (4) XML version compatible to PubMedCentral archiving, thus providing a machine-readable copy to facilitate future data mining. Neither restriction nor charges are imposed on the use of colour illustrations.

For more details, please contact Lyubomir Penev.


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