NeoBiota Issue 10 generates a lot of interest

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We are pleased to announce publishing of issue 10 of NeoBiota. It contains intriguing research and commentary papers. Two of the papers enjoyed also much additional interest thanks to the posted press releases:

Market transactions and economics in general affect biological invasions (downloaded by 2643 science journalists and media since 7 Oct 2011!)
Prague’s 88 nature reserves threatened by invasive plant species (downloaded by 1468 science journalists and media since 7 Oct 2011!)

Also, two important online databases on biological invasions (DAISIE and have been automatically connected to taxon names mentioned in the NeoBiota papers. For example, if one clicks on the species’ name Polycnemum arvense mentioned in the paper of Jarošík et al. (doi: 10.3897/neobiota.10.1262), then a dynamically created online taxon profile is created:

On the left bar of the profile, one can see the the logos and names of DAISIE and If they are shown in bold font, this means they contain data on that taxon. If then you click on the links the program sends you direct to the species pages (or search links to them) on both sides:


Ingolf Kuehn (Editor-in-Chief)
NeoBiota Editorial Office

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