Biodiversity Data Journal recruits editors

We are establishing a next generation platform for publishing biodiversity science and data. The Biodiversity Data Journal ( is a comprehensive online platform designed to accelerate publishing, dissemination and sharing of biodiversity-related data of any kind. Contributions will be accepted on a wide range of biodiversity subjects and will be published in association with major data repositories (e.g. GBIF, Dryad, GenBank) using a number of Biological Code-compliant templates. These templates make it easy to write manuscripts, review text and share data. A concise leaflet on BDJ can be downloaded from here.

In preparation for launching the journal we are seeking editorial specialists with expertise in subjects and data types (e.g. taxon treatments, checklists, genomic-, ecological- and environmental-datasets, analytical methods and software) who can be involved in the innovative reviewing process. Potential editors should be interested in new ideas, methods and approaches to publishing, sharing and using biodiversity information. Established specialists, post-doctoral researchers and PhD  students with relevant experience should not hesitate to apply using the short form linked below:

Editor Application Form

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