A big step forward: Subterranean Biology journal moves to advanced open access publishing

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Subterranean Biology now fully joins the peer reviewed open access family of journals published by Pensoft Publishers, who also publish ZooKeys, PhytoKeys and others.

"The outputs of the former editors-in-chief and the former editorial boards were without compromises on quality," comments the new editor-in-chief, Dr Oana Moldovan. "We certainly want to ensure continuity in this regard, but high-quality content is best appreciated if it is processed, published, presented and preserved in a way that leverages the potential of electronic publication to the fullest extent possible with current technology."

At Pensoft, fully electronic and largely automated workflows are the norm. Content is published simultaneously in several formats (PDF, HTML and XML) that are complemented by options for print on demand of reprints or whole issues. From now on, the content in the journal will be fully linked and exported to taxonomic databases such as the Encyclopedia of Life, Species-ID and PubMed Central. The articles will also benefit from professional archiving in the world’s leading scholarly archives.

The online publication allows an increase of the number of articles, whose revision is speeded up through the Pensoft Journals System, PJS. Faster online publication of the individual articles is also ensured, each article will be published when ready, and issues will be completed upon publishing of the last article. The new journal format is also beneficial to the content that can now include colour figures and multimedia free of charge. Lastly, Subterranean Biology will step into the future with Pensoft’s efforts towards active and professional promotion and PR, with the widest possible dissemination of the published content.

The journal Subterranean Biology is calling on society members and the wider community to make active use of its modernized publication workflows by submitting their best works to it. All types of contributions are welcome, including from both young and established scientists, who are encouraged to submit their works in the journal. Established researchers are invited to submit reviews and ideas for future research. "We expect that, at least, once every year, each member of the Society will provide a good contribution to the journal. We are also inviting all the people that work in subterranean biology or related fields to contribute to the Society journal and hopefully become new members", Moldovan adds.

The new Subterranean Biology is committed to making the world of subterranean creatures more attractive and accessible to the large public. "Subterranean biology is not only about those creepy creatures that live underground, the underground world is deeply connected with the surface, and the outside green turns into downwards black only in our eyes but not for a number of other living beings", the editor-in-chief explains.




Original Source:

Moldovan OT (2013) One step forward for subterranean biology. Subterranean Biology 11: 1-2. doi: 10.3897/subtbiol.11.5280

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