ZooKeys continues to grow

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Pensoft Publishers’ flagship taxonomic open access journal ZooKeys marks more than 60 % growth in the first quarter of 2013. For this period, the total number of published pages almost doubled to the impressive 5,060 in 2013, in comparison with 3,266 in 2012. The number of published issues also significantly increased  from 27 to 41 for the same time frame.

The journal authors also benefited from intensified PR services committed to providing a wider outreach for quality research. Almost every article published in Zookeys gets a social network posting in our growing communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. On the average, one research paper per issue benefits from a professionally written press release disseminated to world’s leading science news distributors and mass media, including outlets like BBC, the Daily Mail, Scientific American, New York Times and others.

Another zoological open access journal published by Pensoft, the Journal of Hymenoptera Research also reported 60 % growth, with 398 published pages in 3 issues in the first quarter of 2013 in comparison with 242 pages in 2 issues in 2012.

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