Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Open Access Support Project (EOASP) starts its next phase with new eligibility criteria

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The new phase of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Open Access Support Project (EOASP) is starting today, 1 July 2013, with some slight changes in eligibility criteria.

The aim of the EOASP project is to increase the data flow into EOL, promulgate the open access publishing model in taxonomy and support and educate the next generation of taxonomists in open science principles. It provides assistance for taxonomists living in developing countries to publish their results in quality journals and pays tribute to retired taxonomists by continuously supporting their research. EOASP is also an initiative aiming to motivate publishers to modernize their publishing models and workflows.

The main change in the eligibility criteria concerns the content of the publication. Manuscripts will be considered for funding only if they contain at least 4 taxon treatments; they do not need to be newly described taxa. A good example is a genus treatment (re-description) consisting of at least three species treatments, either new or re-described.

The total amount of funding per paper is increased to USD 500. The support for larger papers (e.g., larger revisionary works or monographs) will be limited to the same maximum of USD 500; authors should meet the remaining costs themselves. 

To read the new eligibility criteria or on our website please follow the link which is copied below: http://www.pensoft.net/page.php?P=29

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