Moving forward: New features introduced to BDJ and PWT

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Since the launch Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) and the associated Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT) Pensoft has continued to strive towards improvement and excellence, aiming to introduce novelties and further develop these products. We are pleased to share three important innovations introduced by us in the last months.

First, PWT now features an import API (Application Programming Interface), which allows import of complex manuscripts (e.g., authors details, occurrence records, species descriptions, in-text citations, references, images, etc.) straight from external databases, for and others. This novel and globally uniquefeature could seem a challenge for an “ordinary” biodiversity scientist to use, however with the help of a data manager authors will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of time and effort the tool can save.

BDJ now also provides a real-time Article-Level Metrics (ALM) featuring downloads, social network mentions and citations of your article. Besides, it provides Sub-Article-Level Metrics on the use of the underlying data (images, tables, supplementary data files). You can find out how this works here.Finally, the PWT literature reference search/import tool is now updated to search and import references for data and other digital objects that bear a DataCite DOI. This means that if authors want to cite a dataset or image or article PDF deposited in data repositories (for example DryadZenodo, and many others that use DataCite DOIs),they do not need to retype this information manually. The tool will find and insert the reference to the used dataset on your request.

At Pensoft we strive towards excellence and we believe that this is only achievable with your help. Please send you comments and suggestions here.

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